Bulk SMS

The two sub-divisions in this are

  • Desktop Software
  • Online Portal

Desktop Software

It is a software which will be installed in your PC where in you can send bulk Sms as per the marketing or promotional campaigning requirements and in this the messages can be scheduled and one more added feature is the brand or product name can be changed. Businesses can send messages to their prospects, clientele or workforce etc?. facilitating swift communication at ease.

Key features for Desktop Software & Online Portal

  • Notifications
    Receive instant delivery notification
  • Full Feature Contact Management
    Import contacts from multiple sources including Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express or any ODBC compliant data source.
  • Importing/Exporting Messages
    Messages can be imported from a number of data sources and vice-versa. Benefits are easy integration and maximum utilization of existing data sources.
  • Signatures
    Create fully user customizable signatures.
  • Minimal Operating Requirements
    ValueFirst Speed utilizes proprietary multithreading technology to provide efficient transmission of large volume of data, even on low-end desktop terminals with slow internet connectivity.
  • Picture Messages Send picture messages/sms by importing gif/jpeg/bmp etc format
  • Database Porting
    Database upsize wizard that lets you move from one native data store to another one easily.

Online Portal

It enables users to send messages via the internet. This is completely web based application and can be accessed from From any PC with internet where a user id & password will be given so you can log in and send your bulk Sms. It reduces the learning curve to understand the flow within the Software. User can send messages to unlimited no. of mobile devices, the list of mobile numbers can be in the form of excel, text or an access file.

Short code Services

A SMS short code is a 5 digit number, provided by mobile network operators, on which data (SMS) can be sent by subscribers of the mobile operators. All incoming sms, to the short code can be made available with full details to the customer.


  • Used by advertising agencies, media companies, radio stations, TV channels, marketing savvy companies for campaigns, contests etc. For lead generation, if backed by a campaign in print or electronic media. Advertising agencies prefer to use it as the response to their advertising campaign is measurable on parameters like numbers, time, effectiveness etc.


  • Short codes have a high top of the mind recall as they are relatively easy to remember.
  • Combined with pull sms, marketing campaign can be automated, personalized and analyzed.

Long-code Services

Provides unique long code/ virtual number service that lets two-way global communications through SMS. With long-code services, enterprises are empowered with two-way messaging /sms capabilities using the familiar 10 digit mobile number.


  • Suited for a closed-circle messaging where enterprises do no want their customers and employees to pay a premium for outgoing sms.
  • Used by enterprises who want their sales force to send them critical information or for receiving queries/responses from the existing customers over sms.


  • Unlike short-code service which is country specific, long code service can be used for querying business information from around the globe. Large reach of marketing campaign due to high mobile penetration.