Major Features

Alertsindia offers a broad range of Digital Direct Marketing Services to help client’s business unleash the power of direct marketing that directly contributes to their business growth and captures unexploited market prospective. The excellence in our service delivery is determined by advanced quality and the exceptional delivery model which can be customized according to the requirements of each and every client. From innovative services to campaign analysis, Alertsindia has been able to provide insightful solutions to customers for their marketing programs.

Network Connectivity

With our strong and powerful server base, we offer a wide range of marketing solutions and services via SMS/Email Campaigning tools that are crucial to intend, execute, and uphold comprehensive IT infrastructure. We have made every effort for creating our strong server which never disconnects prompting skill based marketing solutions. Our trained professionals have a vast experience in handling the server maintenance, backed by a team of experts skilled in delivering high values of technical capability. This has made us a one stop choice for our clients.

Downloading the Reports

With our services, you can get to the bottom of the matter and find out if your email campaign reached the right people. You can simply check how many times your email was opened. We also help you in finding out what the most popular links were. You get to know your customers well with the help of our Email Reports and Analytics feature.

Graphical Analysis of the Campaign

By offering graphical analysis of any campaign we help clients in finding important feedback on who opened their e-mails, who clicked on their links and who shared their content on social media. This helps you in understanding the true needs of your customers better and helps you improve for the future.

Data Security

We have developed high end data security solutions pages to help you achieve a deeper perceptive of today’s and tomorrow’s data protection challenges and to discover amongst our best products and services that can help you overcome them. You can choose from our wide range of solutions for your toughest data security challenges.

Technical Support

We have been providing technical support to our clients since our inception in 2004, and have successfully gone ahead among the top tech support companies available. We have helped over thousands of individual clients with their technical support issues and we have been growing at a steady rate. Our technical support is helpful for clients as it offers advantage of a bonus education on how to resolve your various issues yourself.