Alertsindia offers a broad range of Digital Direct Marketing Services to help client’s business unleash the power of direct marketing that directly contributes to their business growth and captures unexploited market prospective. The excellence in our service delivery is determined by advanced quality and the exceptional delivery model which can be customized according to the requirements of each and every client. From innovative services to campaign analysis, Alertsindia has been able to provide insightful solutions to customers for their marketing programs.

Mobile – SMS Marketing / Promotional SMS / Transaction SMS

We offer SMS marketing initiatives to help businesses launch and grow. We recognize that businesses come in all shapes and sizes, and what suits well to one business might not suit for another, which is why at Alertsindia clients are associated with one of our SMS marketing experts from the very beginning. Our SMS marketing experts not only customize an SMS marketing strategy to help customers meet their brands goals, but they’ll be with them and their team during each stage of their campaign, ensuring company’s success. Our enthusiasm at Alertsindia is helping organizations succeed in SMS marketing, through much smoother, shorter, and less expensive development for our clients.

Email Marketing / Email Promotions / Transaction

Our Email Marketing Services help you in creating, sending, and tracking emails and social posts that look great on all devices. With Email Promotions, it becomes easy to send email newsletters, offers, invitations, and auto responders to grow up your business. You can easily simplify your marketing with our smart message delivery options. Our services help you in automating your email campaigns with triggered emails and advanced segmentation.

Short code / Long code

We offer short codes as well as long codes for marketing of businesses. Long codes are basically 10 digit phone numbers elected by the mobile operators for person-to-person communication. Whereas a short code (also recognized as a Common Short Code or CSC) is a 5-6 digit phone number supervised by a 3rd party company. Service providers usually run the short code lease on customer’s behalf. Our short codes and long codes help your business grow at its best potential through great marketing.

Voice SMS (IVR, OBD)

Our Voice SMS platform enables enterprises to concentrate on the need for superior speed of service improvement for voice products and faster time to advertise. With optimal network design, voice-based applications can be set up swiftly and cost efficiently. It helps organizations reach out to their customers in a well adapted manner through the power of voice. With a highly flexible voice CRM solution, which is used to increase customer lifetime value and reduce operating costs Voice SMS services like IVR and OBD are crucial applications for businesses to excel.


We offer keyword marketing for different organizations which help them in attaining top placement in the actual search listings. In recent times, most business purchasers prefer to buy a product or service starting with exploring the search engine to find vendors and product information. You need to ensure you rank high in the search engine results, for as many search provisions as possible, and expectantly for many of the requisites that are searched more frequently. With our highly efficient service, clients have advantage right potential to reach the right people at the right time.