ICS offers E-mail services for product promotion, finding out new dealers, channel partners, agents, newsletters and new product introductions. We focus on your business and find out prospective buyers or associates for your product & services from the net. We can customize our services to suit your goals and budget. We provide you complete data base of the companies to whom we mail and also handle E-mail marketing campaign at a specific time or specific time interval, and have a better control over your email marketing campaign strategies.

  • Instant access to the system
  • Send bulk emails in text or in HTML
  • Easy to use interface that works from our own server
  • No worrying returns
  • Advertise knowing you will never be accused of SPAMMING
  • Increase your sales in just a couple of days
  • Preview all Messages
  • Save your messages
  • Built in visual editor
  • No crazy pop-ups
  • Bulk email messages sent with just one click of a button
  • Your email goes out by itself, not with 5 other messages attached
  • Create your email campaign
  • Set up scheduled sending
  • Email Campaign Statistics